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Science/Realfag - SimReal
SimReal is under construction.

SimReal (a new SimReal interface will be available in August/September 2018) is an interactive learning tool in science (mathematics, physics, statstics, ICT).
SimReal is developed by Per Henrik Hogstad at the University of Agder (UiA).

The background for the development of SimReal is the relative strong signals indicating that many of us are what we call 'visual learners', it seems we learn in a easier way by the help of visualizations and/or simulations, and also by the help of programming the simulations.

SimReal includes preprepared SimReal applications and in addition the combination of programming in SimReal, JavaScript, Python and Matlab.

SimReal contains an advanced calculator with a lot of mathematical functions. In addition you can use the mathematical functions in JavaScript and later in Python. In the SimReal package you will find included the programming in JavaScript, Python and Matlab. The SimReal calculator operates (unvisible) in the background in most of the visualizations and simulations in SimReal.

Click on the picture on the main page in SimReal to start the interactive learning tool SimReal.
You can select diffent subjects: Mathematics, physics, statistics and ICT.
SimReal contains combinations of:

- Video lessons / Streaming / Video Simulations / Interactive Simulations / Exercises / Applications
- Video lessons
- Streaming
- Video simulations
- Interactive simulations
- Calculator (new calculator in August/September 2018)
- Exercises
- Applications

SimReal contains thousands of videos and visualizations/simulations.
Some hundreds of them are at the moment transferred to these MatRIC web pages you find here, existing and new simulations will in the future also be transferred.

Examples of simulations: [SHM] [EarthHole] [Cube] [Binom] [Piston] [Curl] [Ball] [VectorField]

The new version of SimReal gives the possibility to execute the applications on every kind of devices (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, TV, ...) without the need of extra software or plugins. In addition it gives the possiblity for students and teachers to develop their own simulations using a browser only and (if wanted) put the applications directly on internet.

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