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Curve Length

This application visualizes the length of a curve
as the sum of small line segments.

Click on the pushbuttons Next or Prev (or change the number between them)
to change the number of line segments

Control objects:

Function  : The mathematical expression of the function
x1        : Left  endpoint
x2        : Right endpoint
Length    : Current length of the line segments
Prev      : Decrease the number of line segments by 1
Next      : Increase the number of line segments by 1
Graph     : Show the graph of the function
Line      : Show the line segments
ΔxΔy      : Show delta_x and delta_y
Formula   : Show the formula for curve length
Integral  : Show the integral and the summation
Axis      : Show axis
Grid      : Show grid
Point     : Show the end points
Reset     : Set the number of line segments to zero  

CurveLength in JSXGraph

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