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Particle Motion

In this application you can make a mathematical model

of the motion of a particle
by a given expression for position, velocity or acceleration
as a function of time.
At the same time it's possible to compare this model
to the result from a particle experiment.

In the data field rx and ry you can write the position (x,y)
as a function of the time parameter t.
Default values are:
rx = 10cos(3t)
ry = 5sin(2t)

Click the pushbutton 'Run'.
The particle will be moving according to the values of (rx,ry).
For every 1/100 sec there will be drawn a point on the path of the particle.
In addition a blue vector representing the velocity vector will be drawn.

Click on the pushbutton 'Info' to get more information how to use this application.

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