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Elastic collision between two particles with variable velocity and mass - Computing momentum:

Two particles (num 1 blue, num 2 red) can be dragged to a given position in the simulation window.
The last clicked particle is the current particle (can also be switched in 'Particle nr ...').
To the left of 'Particle nr ...' the color of the current particle is shown.
Velocity information for the current particle can be set / or is shown in 'vx', 'vy' and 'v'.
Mark the checkboxes if the velocity vectors should be shown.

Control objecrs:
Path    : Show the path of the particles (a new mark every 1/100 sec)
Mass    : Show/change the mass of the particles
CM      : Show the centre of mass
xy      : Vis partiklenes og massesenterets (x,y)-koordinater
Grid    : Show the grid in the simulation window
Snap    : Force the particles to be placed in the nearest grid corner
Formula : Show formulas for impulse and energy
Next    : Toggle between two pages of formulas
Compute : Show the forms for computing impulse
Spring  : Place the two particles at each end of a spring
Reset   : Reset the simulation

SimV    : Video simulation
Sim     : Interactive simulation
Start/stop/step/reset the collision simulation by the pushbuttons down in the right corner.

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