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Rotation - 2D

The study of:
- θ: Angle
- ω: Angular velocity
- α: Angular acceleration
where the angular acceleration α is constant.

For constant angular acceleration we have the following relations:

ω = ωo + αt
θ = θo + ωot + 0.5αt2

v = rω
at = rα
ar = rω2

where ωo and θo are the initial values of ω and θ.
at and ar are the tangential and radial parts of the acceleration.

Type the values of α, ωo and θo (the last one in rad or deg).
The default values are zero.
Start the simulation by clicking the pushbutton 'Run'.

If you want to stop the simulation at a given time, type the end value (tEnd) for time t.

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