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Satellite Path

When you start this application, you will see a picture of the earth.
In the control window, the radiobutton 'Orbit' is selected.

Mark the checkbox 'Satellite' and select the radiubutton 'Ellipse'.
Click the start button 'Run' down to the right in the simulation window.
You will now see the satellite travelling around in an elliptic path around the earth.

If you select the radiobutton 'Hyperbola', 'Parabola' or 'Circle', you will see three other possible path (dependent of the speed) for such a satellite.

If you want to see a planet (for example the earth) travelling around the sun, select the radiobuton 'Sim'.
By default the path will be a circle, but you can use the scrollbar 'e' to change the eccentricity of the path (for the earth e = 0.02).

Change the eccentricity to a value in the interval [0.5-0.7].
You will now see how the planet is moving faster in the near of the sun (winter time) and more slowly when far from the sun (summer time).

Now look at the situation when the mass of the planet is increasing (use the scrollbar 'm1').
You will now see how both the planet and the sun are travelling in an elliptic path.
Notice also the center of mass of the system planet+sun.
This centre of mass will be at a focus point for both ellipses.

Click on the pushbutton 'Theory1' if you want to listen to a video lesson (no) about satellite path.
Click on the pushbutton 'SimV' if you want to look at a video simulation (no) about satellite path.

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