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Parameterization - 2D / 3D

Rx, Ry, Rz : The x-, y- and z component of the 3D parametric curve (parameter t)

tMin       : The minimum value of the parameter t
tMax       : The maximum value of the parameter t
tCur       : The current value of the parameter t 

r          : Show the position     vector (black)
v          : Show the velocity     vector (blue )
a          : Show the acceleration vector (red  )

Txt        : Show text (r,v,a) on the vector of position, velocity and acceleration
Grid       : Show grid in the simulation window
Axis       : Show x- and y-axis in the simulation window

Polar      : Use polar parameterization form
Coord      : Show coordinate values on the x- and y-axis (can be changed)
Origin     : Unused
Reset      : Unused
Scrollbar  : Scale the velocity- and acceleration vectors (the small scrollbar in the control   window)

Scrollbar  : Move the point on the graph manually         (the big   scrollbar in the simulation window)
Run        : Move the point on the graph automatically

Path       : Show the parametric curve
Info       : Show information

Example: r(t) = [3cos(2t),2sin(4t),3sin(3t)]

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