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Falling object through a hole in the earth.

We make a hole through the earth an put an object into this hole.
We don't worry about practical problems and, take into account only the force of gravity and assume the density of the earth is constant.
The object will make a simple harmonic motion (SHM) where the amplitude is equal to the radius of the earth ( back at the original position after 1.4 hours).

Control objects:
- Formula    : The equation of motion the and the computation of the period T
- vHole      : A 'vertical' hole through the earth
- hHole      : A 'horizontal' hole through the earth
- Particle   : Particle
- Force      : Force of gravity
- Velocity   : Velocity
- Circle     : Help circle to explain the gravity force on the particle
- Line       : Help lines to explain the gravity force on the particle
- Satellite  : The associated satellite motion with the same periode as the particle
- t          : Time
- a          : Acceleration
- v          : Velocity
- x          : Position
- s          : Distance from the starting point of the particle
- timeFac    : Time facton (default 400, 1 = real time)

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