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If you see a blue square in the middle of the menu line, click this if you want to run in an HTML5 evironment.
This is useful when you are running the applications on a tablet or a mobile phone, especially if you only see an empty simulation window.
SimReal is an interactive learning tool in Science (Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, ICT, Calculator) where you can switch continuously between different modules:
- Theory1 : Video Lesson 1
- Theory2 : Video Lesson 2
- Formula : Formula
- SimV    : Video Simulation
- Sim     : Interactive Simulation
- Ex      : Exercise
- App     : Application
At the bottom to the left in the simulation window you have different video control buttons.

Different topics can be selected from the 'Main Menu'.

Below the menu you see three buttons:
- Shift   : Right / Left Menu
- Max     : Menu Size
- Info    : Information
- Help    : Help information

SimReal can be build into a video conference module so it's possible to conctruct virtual laboratories together.

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