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SimRealN This is a new version of SimReal+.
The new version has the name SimRealN.

In SimRealN the programming language JavaScript is used.

SimReal+ consists of video lessons, streaming, video simulations, interactive simulations, exercises and applications. In SimRealN we will have the same modules as in SimReal+ (perhaps some modules in addition).

SimReal+ (drawbacks):
- Expensive programming tool
- License
- Not easy for students/teachers to develop their own simulations
- Not executable on every device without plugins

SimRealN (benefits):
- Need only a browser, no expensive programming tool or license
- Easy for students/teachers to develop their own simulations
- Following HTML5 standard
- Open source code
- Executable on every device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, TV, )
- Visible immediately on net or in a browser

In the upper part of the picture to the left you see a simulation example of ellipse construction.
In the lower part of the picture you see the browser editor/debugger where you can write your source code, test it and immediately see the result in the browser (upper part of the window).

Debugging JavaScript:
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

Click on the picture to start SimRealN.
Your browser must be able to run canvas elements (this is required for drawing graphics).