The Greenhouse effect, Climate Change and the road to sustainability
Welcome to an introductory course in the Greenhouse effect and Climate Change:
Science, Scenarios and Possible Impacts

Sven Åke Bjørke and Mohammed Tawfic Ahmed

The aim of this online, interactive coursebook:

On completion of this online tutorial and e-book, the learner will have achieved a basic understanding of:

  • the natural phenomenon of the Greenhouse effect, what causes it,
  • what may alter it and how it might vary in time;
  • main basic concepts in physics, chemistry and ecology relevant to climate change;
  • main meteorological phenomena relevant to the greenhouse effect,
  • emissions and impact from human activities;
  • the UN position and points of view from other interest groups;
  • relevant conventions
  • mitigation and adaptation measures and possible transition to a sustainable future
and will be able to:
  • describe and communicate the above mentioned points to others;
  • describe some possible future scenarios
  • discuss possible political implications and possible actions to be taken
  • find relevant science based information on the internet for further references
The course will use multimedia and be on the Internet.
You will find short, easy-reading texts based on familiar phenomena, color graphics, photos, videos, quizzes, proposals for easy "lab- in the kitchen"-exercises and proposals for discussions and group work.. You may take the course alone, but you will probably learn better working with a friend or two.

You access the basic information on the topic by simply reading the text and studying the illustrations page by page. This you should be able to do in a couple of hours. More detailed information you will find by clicking on the 'Tell me more'-buttons. Background information and reference material you will find by clicking on the weblinks. Test your own understanding by taking the tests at the end of each chapter. Note: To ensure that people without scientific background also can follow, some of the introductory information may appear very elementary.

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