The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the leading body for the assessment of climate change, established by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to provide the world with a clear scientific view on the current state of climate change and its potential environmental and socio-economic consequences.
  1. The IPCC is a scientific body.
    It reviews and assesses the most recent scientific, technical and socio-economic information produced worldwide relevant to the understanding of climate change.

    It does not conduct any research nor does it monitor climate related data or parameters.

    Thousands of scientists from all over the world contribute to the work of the IPCC on a voluntary basis.

    Review is an essential part of the IPCC process, to ensure an objective and complete assessment of current information.
    Differing viewpoints existing within the scientific community are reflected in the IPCC reports.

  1. The IPCC is an intergovernmental body, and it is open to all member countries of UN and WMO.
    Governments are involved in the IPCC work as they can participate in the review process and in the IPCC plenary sessions, where main decisions about the IPCC work-programme are taken and reports are accepted, adopted and approved.
    The IPCC Bureau and Chairperson are also elected in the plenary sessions.
  1. Because of its scientific and intergovernmental nature, the IPCC embodies a unique opportunity to provide rigorous and balanced scientific information to decision makers.
    By endorsing the IPCC reports, governments acknowledge the authority of their scientific content.
    The work of the organization is therefore policy-relevant and yet policy-neutral, never policy-prescriptive.
  1. The IPCC reports compile the research by the mainstream scientists of the world.
    The IPCC report is undoubtedly the most solid, the most critically reviewed and the heaviest scientific premise deliverer on the climate change issue in existence

    There is no report that can better present the results from the foremost climate scientists in the world.
    By climate researchers or scientists are meant those researchers that publish regularly in international, peer reviewed scientific journals.

    The IPCC reports are revised every 6th year, and smaller fact sheets with corrections appear at intervals