Alternative energy
Wind - solar ?
  1. Wind energy
    The experts said it wasn't possible until it was done in Denmark in the mid 1970's
    Now Denmark expects to cover more than 10% of their electricity needs from wind mill parks on land as well as out in the sea. The prices are competitive, and the market expands fast.

    The Tvind wind mill, Esbjerg, Denmark. Photo: Å. Bjørke

  1. Solar energy
    Prices have dropped significantly and the efficiency has increased many times the last thirty years.

    Green Tech Sector Advances Despite Failure of Climate Bill (USA)

    Practices and results of solar power/microfinance projects in West Africa

    Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation (IPCC)

    Installing solar cells. ARO, Majiwa, Kenya. Photo: Å. Bjørke

  1. Bioenergy
    Firewood, biogas, bio-oil
    Some of these can be controversial. E.g. large monocultures of palm oil trees, sugarcane or jatropha may reduce food production. Rich people 'steal' poor peoples food in the form of biodiesel for their cars.
    Biogas poster, Stellenbosch univ. SA. Photo: Å. Bjørke

  1. Smaller cultivations with intercropping e.g. of jatropha may enhance local food production

    The human civilisation must now end its addiction to the polluting and corrupting coal and oil industry as quickly as possible. The alternatives are available. The vision is to replace coal, oil and gas with renewable energy within the next 30-40 years.
    100% renewable energy by 2050 (WWF report)

    Jatropha curcas. Dala rieko, Asembo Bay, Kenya. Photo: Tor Steinar Rafoss