Low carbon societies
'Our energy use seems to be breaking two cardinal business principles - dangerously running down our capital and recklessly increasing our risk. "Greening" economies may be the best way to save them. The transition already seems to be under way. In 2008, for the first time, investment in solar and other renewable energies exceeded that in oil, gas and coal, while green technologies attract the third highest amount of venture capital in the United States after IT and biotechnology.' Greening economies - the best way to save them

  1. Act on CO2
    Compare emissions from different modes of transport in the UK.
    Compare CO2 emissions
  1. The Green guide - investments in carbon credits
  1. The Watt Society: Change the conversation on personal accountability in climate change away from the common "carbon footprint" and towards collective energy reduction Watt society

    The 2000 Watt society:
    2000 watt society

  1. ELPIS
    Elpis (Greek for "Spirit of Hope") is an online community that promotes responsible living and sustainable growth.
    You should join Elpis if you agree with any of the following:

    • Small ideas can make a big difference
    • A social network should enable you to do something worthwhile
    • Sustainable economic growth can go hand in hand with preserving the environment and balance of nature
    • Dealing with complex social, environmental and development issues requires individual and collective effort of the people themselves