About the authors:
        1. Sven Åke Bjørke teaches environment issues and sustainable development at the Centre for Development Studies at the University of Agder.

          He has previously worked for several years as information manager at UNEP/GRID-Arendal, where a main task has been to popularise the information from the UN Panel on Climate Change and UNEP.

          He was a lead author and editor of publications like:

          Vital Climate Graphics
          Vital climate graphics Africa
          State of environment Norway

          He also worked as a consultant for the development of State of the Environment report for China and South Africa
          State of the Environment Report China 1997
          State of the Environment Report South Africa 1997
          and for the Programme 'Mainstreaming Education for Sustainable Development in Africa (MESA)

          Bjørke is educated as a science teacher, lawyer, jurist-linguist and e-pedagogue.

        1. Dr Mohammed Tawfic Ahmed is a professor in Environmental Toxicology at the Suez Canal University at Ismailia, Egypt
          He is Vice Chairman of Mediterranean Green Chemistry Network, MEGREC,
          and member in:
          • African Life Cycle Network, ALCAN;
          • UNEP / SETAC Life Cycle initiative;
          • Mainstreaming of Environmental Sustainability in African University, MESA, A United Nation Initiative
          • International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, IUPAC;
          • International Green Network IGN

  1. A special thanks to UNEP/GRID-Arendal for the use of their graphics.