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1. What is meant by a 'strong' GHG?
1. A. It has a high GWP 2. B. It has a high positive radiative forcing 3. C. One unit of the gas corresponds to the warming potential of several CO2 equivalents 4. D. All of the answers above are correct
2. GWP is
1. A. A unit describing ozone- depleting substances 2. B. A measure of the relative radiative effect of a GHG compared to that of another GHG over a certain period of time 3. C. A unit describing the speed of a carbon sink
3. What is a CO2 equivalent?
1. A. One tonne of carbon dioxide 2. B. The same as GWP 3. C. the amount of GHG necessary to obtain the same GWP effect as one unit of CO2
4. Radiative forcing is
1. A. Ability to warm the atmosphere 2. B. Ability to influence the net radiative input to earth's energy balance . positively or negatively 3. C. The energy in white light, infrared light and UV-light
5. The difference between climate and weather is
1. A. Weather is the day to day meteorological changes, while climate is the seasonal variations 2. B. Climate is the average weather in one location over e.g. 30 years. Weather is what we get over days or weeks. 3. C. Weather is what we can expect, climate is what we get. 4. D. Climate is the occurrence of storms and snow. Weather is sun and rain.
6. The cryosphere is
1. A. un upper layer in the stratosphere 2. B. where living organisms live 3. C. the parts of the Earth covered with ice and snow
7. The average global temperature is now 14,5 centigrades. How much colder was it 15000 years ago, during the last ice age?
1. A. 5C° 2. B. 8C° 3. C. 12C°
8. How far back in time do we need to go to find a global average temperature of 16 centigrades or more?
1. A. 1000 years (Holocene) 2. B. 8 000 years ago (holocen optimum) 3. C. c. 3 million years (pleiocene)
9. How much higher was the sea level in the pleiocene period 3 million years ago?
1. A. 2 m 2. B. 5m 3. C. 25m
10. What is the latin name of the present geological period?
1. A. Cretaceous 2. B. Jurassic 3. C. Pleiocene 4. D. Holocene
11. What country has in total contributed the most to emissions of greenhouse gases measured per capita?
1. A. UK 2. B. China 3. C. USA 4. D. Russia
12. What country has the world's highest CO2 emissions per capita?
1. A. USA 2. B. China 3. C. UK 4. D. Quatar 5. E. Saudi Arabia

The Greenhouse effect, Climate Change and the road to sustainability
1. 1 Greenhouse effect
2. 2 Science
3. 3 Mitigation
4. 4 Impacts
5. 5 Solutions?